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John Brightman Founder/Lead Investigator 

     John Brightman, founder of New England Paranormal Research, has been investigating for nearly a decade.   John’s childhood acted as the main inspiration, growing up in the Freetown State Forest, part of the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts.  Specializing in the infamous murder cases of cult leader Carl Drew, as well as Mary Lou Arruda, John’s lectures will captivate every audience with his macabre tales and astonishing evidence.

  John’s outstanding research and state-of-the-art precision to gather evidence has lead him to being featured on shows like the Travel Channel and even international shows in over a dozen countries, world-wide.

   John’s documented experiences will be showcased in his upcoming book, based on the Bridgewater Triangle, releasing in Spring.  John has taken part in several paranormal documentary productions, as well as his own historically haunted film project.   The promotional tour for John’s book has begun and will continue on into the dawn of a new era – 2012! 

 Top 3 places I would like to Investigate:

Poveglia Island, Villisca Axe Murder House, Old South Pittsburgh Hospital 

Christine Dias - Researcher 



     Christine has been doing research for the group for many years. She became involved in the paranormal at a young age when she was seeing things at her parents home. In adulthood Christine purchased a home and more paranormal activity began, this began her journey of wanting to get answers. Christine doesn't go on investigations, she preferes a more behind-the-scenes role. Her contributions to the team are to many to mention.


David McCurdy - Investigator 


 David has been investigating the paranormal for many years. He is very focused while on investigations, and while reviewing evidence. He is not easily convinced to label a location haunted. 

  David  is the executive Director of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation.  

JoEllen Blain - Investigator

Jen Krystowski - Investigator

Marcel Aube - Investigator

Kayleigh Sousa- Investigator


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