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john brightman
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In the late 70's early 80's there were rumors of cult activity in the Forest. The police at first disregarded this, claiming that they were left over hippies from the previous generation. And then later on things became sinister. The previous rumors turned into fact. The Forest grew darker. Once a lovers lane, it became a dumping ground for bodies of human and animal bodies left over from murderers and cults. One case in particular has greatly dimmed the once beautiful Aura of the Forest. The Fall River Cult Murders... In the late 70's and early 80's these dead low life prostitutes began to show up in South Eastern Massachusetts. It is believed that they died by the hands of a murderous Satanic Cult whom operated in the Freetown State Forest. They have built a shack, now known as the "ice shack", which few people have seen. They did prepare for there deeds there, but have never preformed any rituals there. Animal bones have been found surrounding the area, but no human bones have been found. It is unclear if the shack still stands today, most likely not. It was handcrafted by druggies and prostitutes. The shack has developed a mythology over the years.

This case, The fall River Cult Murders, has surfaced in the newspapers and online over the years. It is also an interesting case because noone has been able to proove who did what and when. The story has changed numerous times since the beginning. There were accounts of many back room deals going on, Witness intimination, hidden evidence, bribery and so on. The two big names in the case are Robin Murphy and Carl Drew.

Robin Murphy, whom was granted immunity for testifying against Carl Drew is now out on parole as of 2004. She has been known and accountable for twisting the story numerous times and she has admitted to doing so in her last parole hearing, even lying under oath to a judge. At one point, she has even confessed her guilt of murdering the 3 prostitutes and blaming Carl Drew For it. She has fancied herself as a pimp and a prostitute. why is she on parole, even after confessing to murdering all three prostitutes?

Carl Drew, whom is still behind bars, has been pleading his innocence since day one. He is accused of killing only one of the prostitutes, Karen Mardsen. Though accused, Carl says he never had anything to do with the murder of any of these women. Though he did pimp them and has developed a brutal reputation in the area, he claims he has no angel back then, but he was not a murderer. The few times he has appeared in front of the judge, he has been denied. His case has always fallen on deaf ears. Thus, his side of the story has always been left out and ignored, never having a truly fair trial. It has also been said that Carl Drew was the leader of the Satanic Cult active in the Forest. However, later on in Robin Murphy's Parole Hearing, she herself stated there was never a Satanic Cult in the First place and that she made that up to further incriminate Drew. Why is Carl Drew's story downplayed?

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found this.................................. ,,,,,,,,,,i happen to live in freetown, massachusetts. the state forest is about 50 feet across the street from my house (literally). the wikipedia article about the state forestisnt exactly complete, and there are many things that it does notmention. for example, in december of 2005, a man wearing no clothes andwith multiple knife wounds in the abdomen ran out of thestate forestand into house (about 6 houses down from me) urging the occupents tocall the police. he has as of yet stated who attacked him. there havealso been animal mutilations in thestate forest, primarily cows, which has been attributed to cult activity. i doubt this is true, but a neighbor of mine told me about a girl scout camp in the state forest that "dissappeared" over night in the 70s. he has taken me to the alleged "remains" of the girl scout camp, and it did in fact look like there had once been a girl scout camp there, but again i doubt the factuality of this story. as for the bridgewater triangle, my father lives in dighton massachusetts, which is considered to be part of the triangle. i have witnessed something paranormal in dighton, that could verywell indeed be classified as a ufo (ask if you want to hear aboutthis). i have also seen the dighton rock (in its own little museum)which is a large boulder that has an unkown writing carved into it.many people claim it is from aliens, but historians say it closelyresembles ancient phoenician script (the phoenicia was an empire inwestern asia from 3500 years ago, god knows how they got here). othertheories include the norse, native americans, portuguese, and long pond, freetown, a friend of mine and have witnessed somethingthat we will not forget for the rest of our lives (very long story, askif you want to hear it). i would be happy to answer any questionsregarding thebridgewater triangle or the state forest.

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Hi Jrmy, I'd like to know, dates, times and where the ufo was when you seen it from Dighton? I have a few stories myself on that subject and I'd like to chat with you, or anyone who is interested in ufos.   

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David Fritz
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It does seem odd that they let one go and another sits in Jail with no one to listen to him. Kind of like the Defeo murders except they never came up with anyone else for those murders except Defeo and they could not put him at the scene. His own Lawyers stupidity of an insanity plea and telling him to confess is why Ronald still sits in prison with no one to listen to him for a retrial which no one wants to really do. These Cult murders are very interesting.

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